Expanded Text Ads – What you need to know…

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Industry News

For years Google AdWords has given advertisers the ability to get their ads in front of millions of searchers…as long as you could fit compelling ad copy into a 25 character headline and two 35 character description lines.*

Not anymore.

Introducing Expanded Text Ads…

Expanded Text Ads allows advertisers to have two 30 character headlines, two 15 character display URL slugs and finally an 80 character section for the description. When we exclude the display URL that’s a huge 45 characters of extra space!

That means that advertisers can be even more descriptive and persuasive in their ad copy – which will help to drive qualified and quality traffic to their sites.

Results so far…

Early results from Google have seen an average click through rate (CTR) bump of 20%, but there have been reports of CTRs increasing by as much as 100% on non-branded searches.

If these results are to be believed, this evolution of the text ads is truly game changing and should be adopted by everyone who has an AdWords account running text ads.

Best Practice

As always Google has produced a best practice document – which will talk you through what you need to do when creating your ad to get searchers to engage – and a detailed blog explaining the changes.

*In recent times there has been the development of shopping campaigns which have taken the emphasis away from the text ads and of course there is the display network, but these required far more technical knowledge and were far more involved during implementation. Now stop being a pedant and get back to the article!

This article was written for my 9-5 and can be found on the Intergage Blog too! 🙂 http://www.intergage.co.uk/How-Googles-Expanded-Text-Ads-Will-Boost-Your-CTR.html


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