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Think of your website as your shop window – you want it to look fantastic so you give the right impression.

First impressions online are formed in the first 0.7 seconds a user lands on your site. Most users will leave if they are not presented with the information they want straight away – there is always another result on Google.

I can help you understand the reasons users visit your website so we can give them what they want, when they want it and get them to convert on your site and not your competitors.


The Internet Has Changed

Google has confirmed that it is now receiving more mobile searches, than desktop ones – this means it has had to change.

It now runs a mobile-first (and only) index meaning that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it isn’t Google-friendly. Although Google is pushing through this change, you shouldn’t change your website because of this – you should change it to benefit your users!


Update vs Refresh vs Renew

If you already have a website, you have some options when it comes to making your website mobile-friendly.

Updating your website from your current design to make it responsive can be done, but this is often difficult and time consuming – diving into old code can be just as time consuming as starting from scratch.

Refreshing your site means using the current brand collateral – same logo, same pictures, same text and dropping it into a responsive template.

Renewing your site means just that. New design, optimised logo, optimised content, focused around your users and what they need. You may think this option is the most expensive, but it may surprise you how much value it adds to your business.

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