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Should I Make My Website Secure?

In an attempt to make the internet a safer place Google Chrome will begin warning users when a website is not using a SSL certificate to encrypt information. For the majority of websites there is no need to have a secure connection. No private information is being...
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Making AdWords More Manageable

AdWords is an amazing marketing tool. But let’s not kid ourselves; it can easily become overwhelming. There are some simple things you can do daily, weekly and monthly to stay on top of it all. In this blog I will give insight into some of the things I recommend you...
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Which PPC Platform Should I Choose?

So you've decided you want to do PPC marketing... ... but now what? At the moment, there are two main search advertising programs ― Google & Bing ― but there are also other pay-per-click platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – all with their own pros...

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